Health & Safety Policy

Our goal is continual improvement of our Health & Safety management system and to prevent workplace injuries, diseases and ill-health in all activities. Health & Safety is deeply embedded in our business culture as the group continues to drive improvements in this important area.


  • Ensure visible & supportive management involvement in all Health & Safety matters.
  • Comply with all Health & Safety legislation and regulations.
  • Provide a safe working environment for all our employees and ensure personnel are trained to carry out their work safely.
  • Develop measurable Health & Safety objectives, targets, appraise & report our performance as a means of ensuring continuous improvements.
  • Take a systematic and structured approach to the management of Health & Safety based on suitable management systems.

Our Health & Safety policy is monitored and reviewed religiously to ensure that it meets the company’s legislative requirements, Health & Safety objectives and targets.


We are committed to receive recognition on both industrial and national levels by producing high quality steel products that meet all International Standards.


  • Playing a vital role in Pakistan’s steel industry by providing quality products that satisfy the customer needs.
  • Using advance technology to carry out modern steel-making for achieving enhanced properties of the product.
  • Taking safety measures for making the processes environmental friendly.
  • Creating a place of employment where we provide outstanding training and investment for the future of our employees.

Lifcon Steel is dedicated in achieving all the above mentioned codes of conduct to keep its employees and customers satisfied & playing a part in the growth of Pakistan’s economy by producing high quality and environmental friendly products.